Many have seen my recent post on tik tok about a model search and are wondering how to apply. I have postponed my international fashion show debuts in order to find the best models and make the best dresses. The first step would be to add yourself to my JULIE PAUL MODELS fb group page, introduce yourself, age, tribe and tribal name, any modelling experience and what was your best story of survival through the pandemic. I’ll be updating New info there as well as on my website, fb business page and on tik tok. Thank you for everyone who applies. I am excited and grateful for all the aspiring models. Also, non-Indigenous folk are welcome to apply but majority of spots will be allotted to those of Indigenous ancestry.



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I am 41. I’m non-Indigenous, but love the culture. My fiancee is Indigenous and Pasqua First Nation. I have no experience modeling, except when I was a child once or twice. My story of survival during the pandemic was fighting for those incarcerated, like my fiancee who experienced so many injustices during covid. I guess to sum it up, I fought for the survival of those who had no voice during covid.

Sherri Maier

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